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Projectors Hitachi CP-RS55

Hitachi CP-RS55 Projector 


The Hitachi CP-RS55 digital projector is very flexible in the sense that it can be used for a variety of applications. This, combined with the fact that it delivers good performance, makes it risk-free for those cost-concious users as it guarantees to be a worthwhile purchase. In particular, this model is suitable for educators or business presenters.

Projectors Hitachi CP-RS56

Hitachi CP-RS56 Projector 


The Hitachi CP-RS56 is also a flexible model allowing it to be used in numerous locations. It's most popular applications are within the boardroom and classroom as they provide the presenter/educator with performance in addition to limited expenditure.

Projectors Hitachi CP-RX60

Hitachi CP-RX60 Projector 


The Hitachi CP-RX60 is a new flexible electronic projector that caters for corporate firms, eduational needs and the home too. The CP-RX60 has the capacity to bridge the gap across these 3 venues due to the fact it is very light weighing just 2.2kg - this ensures it's portability. This digitally advanced product has a 1,500 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution to ensure the images you project make an impact.

Projectors Hitachi CP-RX61

Hitachi CP-RX61 Projector

The RX61 boasts the features of Hitachi's projectors, such as XGA resolution and an impressive ANSI lumens guaranteeing bright images in whatever light conditions or at whatever angle. Furthermore, this product uses Hitachi's proprietary video-processing circuits and 3 LCD technology, which gives improved colour replication and the maximum brightness available - a step beyond other technologies and features considered at high-end performance.

Projectors Hitachi CP-X1200

Hitachi CP-X1200 Projector 


The CP-X1200 has an impressive output of 3500 ANSI Lumens, enabling the Hitachi CP-X1200 to project clearly visible images even in brightly lit rooms.

The CP-X1200 is suitable for medium to large venues such as seminars and large conferences and the flexibility of the zoom lens and Vertical Lens Shift System gives you the freedom to choose exactly where you want to install the projector for optimum viewing. XGA resolution means that presentations containing fine detail such as spreadsheets and diagrams are clear and concise, whilst the 500:1 contrast ratio delivers superior graphics.

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